Thursday, May 28, 2009

The promenade and the pier.

Last night I went out for dinner in St Kilda and for a night-time stroll along the beach.

We walked all the way out along the pier and to the breakwater to see if we could find some penguins.

Braving the wind and the rain, we had a fantastic night-time view of the city.


One of the advantages of working the early morning shifts (I start at 6am (!) most days..) is that I see a side of the city that few others get to see. From bulldozers digging up Flinders St, to drunks fighting outside the Tankerville, my camera and I see it all.

Last week we had a couple of mornings that were spookily foggy. I couldn't see the tram until it was right on top of me!

I felt sorry for all the people who had to drive in it, and especially for this poor cyclist!

I was actually late for work because I had to stop every 10 metres to take pictures of the buildings and trees looming out of the fog on Elgin St. Lucky my boss is so patient with me..

There's a bear in there.

Walking home from work last week, I spied something strange in the trees.

What is it? I HAD to get a closer look.

Is it? It is! It's a bear!

Poor Ted must have fallen out of a stroller during a walk, and some kind stranger propped him up in the tree for his owner to find. I walked by the next day, and Ted was gone, so hopefully he's now home safe and sound.


I have veryvery exciting news - one of my photographs is going to be shown in an exhibition!

And you're ALL invited.

The show is being held at Immersion Therapy, 420 High St Northcote. The exhibition runs from June 12 to July 5, and there will be an opening event on Saturday June 13, from 1pm.

I hope you'll be able to check out my work, and the work of the other six artists featured in the show. See you there!

E xox

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A couple of months ago, the Clark family went on a cruise down the Maribyrnong River. When my grandfather's forebears arrived in Melbourne, they settled on the banks of the river, on what was then farmland way out of the city. How much it's changed since then!

It was a glorious sunny day, made all the more sweeter by the fact that I was taking a day off work to be with my family...

Here are some long-overdue snaps, taken with my uncle's beautiful beautiful Pentax DSLR. *sighs*

My cousin Julian:

Two generations of Clark women - my aunt Reagan and my great-aunt Heather.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

clothesline lovers.

If you look closely at this picture of my friend Simon in my backyard last weekend, you will notice that my pink top and my navyblue tights seem to be getting along VERY well!

Doesn't the red wall look pretty?

(Simon is smiling in this photo because I'd just told him, "Don't look at the camera!")


Here's the reason I haven't updated this week:

Meet the newest member of my household, Bella!