Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today I set out to make apricot jam and got five stitches and a tetanus shot instead.  Be careful with knives, everybody!

This photo accurately sums up my current mood.  I am lonely and my thumb hurts.  But my own woes pale in comparison to the other events of the day.  Thinking of you, Christchurch and Libya.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's no secret that I'm missing my sweetheart like crazy at the moment.  For those of you who've just tuned in, my boyfriend is currently in the middle of the Bass Strait, on a yacht that has spent the past two weeks sailing down the east coast from Sydney.

I hope to have him home safely by the weekend, but for now I've been amusing myself with the (very many) photos I have of him making stupid faces.  I hope you'll let me indulge my loneliness for a minute or two by sharing them with you?





And, lastly, a nice one, to prove to you (and reassure my parents that their grandchildren will not be terrifyingly ugly) that he really is as handsome as I say he is..


Monday, February 14, 2011


We walked down the cliff to Anniversary Bay.

We went swimming.

We didn't wear swimsuits.

This was the most blissful part of my summer holidays - floating in the water on my back without a care in the world.  I need to do that more often!  This year I am going to make an effort to slow my life down a bit and try to find more of those carefree moments.


Christmas in the north-west with Jem's family.  

Bounty from Sally and Tony's garden.  They grow pretty much everything they eat, including chickens.  We took a big basket of produce home with us, including blackberries, peas, lemons, herbs, rhubarb, eggs, and one tiny zucchini. 


Jeremy and Sally in the kitchen, the centre of the house.

Me, by Jeremy, in the back yard.

Boat Harbour.


Boxing Day at Boat Harbour, and the alpacas we saw on the way.

Christmas in Australia is in summer, but you'd never know it from these pictures.  Cradle Mountain, the day after Boxing Day.


Poor Allison was underdressed for the occasion.

Cradle Mountain.

You can just see the Cradle in the background, under all that cloud.

Some old shots.

Some pictures from a roll I've just had developed recently.  They're from my last trip to Melbourne, back in..?  Sometime last year, anyway.



Flinders St.

Flinders St.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My beloved Jeremy is absent at the moment, sailing down the mainland east coast.  He's been gone a week and has only made it as far from Sydney as Ulladulla - apparently the winds are blowing in the wrong direction - so he probably won't be home for a couple of weeks.  He is having a great time, and is enjoying not having to wash.

His beard has grown out of control, and he looks like a real castaway!  This is what it looked like 2 weeks ago when we were on holiday; I'm really looking forward to seeing how it looks in two or three weeks time!

If you're interested, you can follow his adventures here.