Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Last night, I snuck out of the house at 2am and wandered down the road to the RRR studios to eat lolly bananas, play Kraftwerk and talk rubbish on air for four hours with my friend Henry and his bandmate Si.

(click on the photo to see it properly)

RRR are running their Radiothon at the moment - an annual ten-day extravaganza in which listeners are encouraged to dig into their pockets and help the station keep going for another year. You can subcribe or donate all year round, of course, but if you subscribe during the Radiothon you can win prizes!

Check out all the details here, and tune into RRR on 102.7 FM.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm staying up late for a secret mission at approximately 0305 hours, so I'm cleaning my house and wasting time on the internet. Here's a cute thing I stole from Pip of Meet Me At Mike's.

This past week, here's what I've been...

Making: owl mittens.
Cooking: chocolate and almond torte for my mother's 50th birthday celebrations on Sunday.
Drinking: rotgut red wine with a new friend, and Cascade Green with an old friend.
Reading: Cafe Europa by Slavenka Drakulić - a series of essays on life in post-Communist Eastern Europe.
Wanting: a holiday.
Looking: at the pretty night sky in the street behind my house.
Playing: McDonald's Monopoly with my housemate.
Wasting: time sweating the small stuff.
Sewing: a missing button onto my work shirt.
Wishing: and hopin', Dusty Springfield style.
Waiting: to buy my own copy of Love Of Diagrams' new album Nowhere Forever.
Wondering: where the twists and turns of the past week's romantickal events are going to lead.
Loving: the photos of my friend Tim with a huge snake draped around his neck.
Hoping: I get into art school next year.
Marvelling: at the little things that tell me spring's JUST around the corner.
Needing: a small practise design in preparation for my big project that I'll be beginning soon.
Smelling: my cocoa-butter moisturiser. Yum!
Wearing: clothes from Australia, Brazil, Korea and Italy.
Following: Mamma Spaghetti on Twitter. She's hilarious!
Noticing: the snuffles that my cat is making right now in her sleep.
Knowing: that everything will be okay.
Thinking: about what I can say on the radio at 3 in the morning that will make any kind of sense.
Bookmarking: this recipe for dill pickles. About the only thing cucumbers are good for, in my opinion!
Giggling: with my BFF this afternoon.
Feeling: a bit ordinary, but enjoying the small details.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The train and the flowers.

Yesterday all the Briertys (and a few strays) gathered in our ancestral home of Coldstream to celebrate my mother's birthday.

Jacqui and flowers on the train.

I took my camera with me, but I was so busy celebrating and socialising that all I managed was one this one shot of Jacqui on our way out to Lilydale, with flowers for my mother by her side.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I went to Hobart a few weeks ago, and was blessed with glorious weather the whole time I was there.

Old & new, Hobart.
Hobart has some gorgeous buildings and some REALLY ugly ones.


Aurora Australis.
The Aurora Australis.

Waterfront, Hobart.

Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery.
Having fun in TMAG.

Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery.
Tom at TMAG.

Death by television, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery.
There was an exhibition in the courtyard at TMAG of works by school students, made from salvaged and recycled materials. This one was titled Death by television.

St David's Park, Hobart.
St David's Park used to be a cemetery. When it was turned into a park, all the headstones were stored away and, later, set into walls.

St David's Park, Hobart.

Fitzroy at night.

Looming skies.

For some reason the nighttime sky always looks amazing in this particular little street near where I live.



Green branches.

Orange lights and shadows.