Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Catching up.

I've been so worked off my feet lately that it feels like I haven't had time to breathe.  I've just come off a 14-days-straight working week (which sometimes happens when you have two jobs) and now I'm on holidays for two weeks.

What's new with you?  How was your Christmas?  Mine was lovely - we went up to the north-west for a few days to spend time with Jem's family, and ate ourselves silly, and drank a fair bit of delicious home-made wine and walnut liqueur.  We went on a trip to Stanley, and got snowed on at Cradle Mountain.  Only in Tasmania.

Bella gave us a bit of a scare the day before Christmas Eve, when an undiscovered abscess on her tail burst and she started bleeding everywhere at 10pm.  We rushed her to the hospital, where there was a vet on call, and she stayed overnight and had surgery the next day.  We picked her up and took her up to Forth for Christmas.  Meeting your boyfriend's extended family for the first time is frightening, so I was glad she was there to take some of the attention away from me!  She's fine now, though her tail is shaved, and she looks a bit silly.  I'm so glad she's all right and that it wasn't more serious.  Since then we've not let her outside much, and she's not really enjoying being a house-cat, but better a grumpy cat than an injured one!

I haven't taken any photos since Christmas, and haven't had time to get those developed.  Once I get out of my pyjamas I'll drop those off and then I'll have something to share at last!  For now, here's some pictures from my mobile.

Our Christmas tree.

Bella hiding on top of the bookcase in the bathroom.

Jeremy cooking up a storm.  Beef and broccolini stir-fry, I think.

Braised beef cheek tacos in home-made tortillas with avocado, lime and home-made salsa.  These were amazing - I need to make them again soon!

First harvest from our garden - basil, and one lone strawberry.  It was delicious.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear self, re: 2011.

Dear Liz,

Happy new year! I just wanted to write you a little note and give you some encouragement - I know you've been feeling a bit down lately. Here goes!
You're doing so well.  You’re healthy in body and mind for the first time in years.  You have a job that you love (and do you know how rare that is?), and you might not be rich but you have everything you need.  You have an awesome (if tiny) house with a fantastic view in the city that you love.  
You have a beautiful, fluffy, grumpy cat.  You're so proud of your family and they are so proud of you. You have wonderful, clever, creative friends you can call on at any time of the day or night if you need them.

You have a handsome partner who shares your values and wants the same things from life as you do.  Sure, he can be a pain in the bum at times but you’re madly in love with him anyway.  And guess what, Liz?  He’s madly in love with you, too.  How about that?

Don’t worry about the past - you can’t change that.  Don’t worry about the future - there’s not much you can do about that, either.  Keep working at being content with where you are, what you have, right now, and don’t stress about the rest.  I know it’s hard, but you can do it!
And don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself stressing about your debts or your lack of a university degree or that damn biological clock that won’t shut up.  You’ll be fine.  Just take some deep breaths, have a cup of tea, and let it out and let it go.

You are awesome. You can do it!

Happy 2011!

Love, Liz.