Thursday, December 31, 2009


Trippy Taco.

Trippy Taco.

How Babies Are Made.

The tofu asada burrito from Trippy Taco is phenomenal, as are their "Trippy Fries".  Go there!


I'm all about my cat, these days.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RSH, 1959-2009.

Tonight I'm feeling very stunned and sad from hearing the news that Australian musician Rowland S. Howard passed away today after a long battle with liver cancer.

I'm really not qualified to speak of his career and achievements, because I only discovered his music this year, but his album Pop Crimes has been one of my most listened-to this year.  You can read my friend Trevor's recent interview with him here, and there are some fantastic photos to be seen on this blog.

Truly a Melbourne icon, he'll be very much missed.  xox

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

La Linea.

I was reminded today of the cute Italian cartoon La Linea.  Drawn in the 70s by Osvaldo Cavandoli, it's a cartoon drawn in a single white line on a plain coloured background.  The main character and the cartoonist interact, with the cartoonist drawing obstacles for the character to deal with.  He is very emotional, and he sometimes gets very angry with the cartoonist, yelling and swearing at him in Milanese gibberish.  I love the hand gestures he makes too, to me they are so Italian!

There are heaps of videos on YouTube, but I've included a couple for you to enjoy.

This one, Eroslinea, is very strange!

I hope you like them as much as I do!  xx

Tuesday, December 22, 2009



Spotted in South Hobart last week - nerdy of me I know, but still cool!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


My kitchen.

Goodbye Melbourne.

I just got these photos back today - here's some things from my last few days in Melbourne last month.








Thursday, December 3, 2009

Checking in.

I'm in Hobart!

I have no internet at home so I'm spending hours at uni reading blogs and looking up recipes for my new-found veganism.

The hills are hilly, and I'm getting fit walking up the hill to my house every day.

It rained for three days straight over the weekend.

My friends Wagons played on Saturday night, so it was just like being in Melbourne.

I went to an art exhibition in Josh Pringle's garage.

I'm going to see Where The Wild Things Are tonight with my book group, and I'm going to wear my furry coat for the occasion.

I'm coming back to Melbourne briefly in a couple of weeks to finish things up at my old house, and eat greasy food and play trivia at the East.

I think that's all.


Friday, November 27, 2009


I remember being particularly proud of these photos, taken in 1999 in Western Australia, and I think they've stood the test of time. If anyone can help me identify them, that would be lovely! The only one I remember is the enamel orchid, the shiny bright purple one.


Enamel Orchid.





1st August, 1999.

François Péron National Park.

Yesterday, I forgot to write so I'm doing it now. Yesterday, Mum, Dad, Toby and I went to François Péron National Park. David stayed at caravan cos he was "too tired" (hah!) We had lunch looking over the Indian Ocean... the contrast between the red sand and the blue sea was beautiful...

At the Francois Peron Homestead, there was a very hot hot tub, and Mum and Toby went in it, they said it was lovely!!

25th July, 1999.


Today we went to an old town near Greenough. It was very interesting. There was churches and a court house. Toby especially liked the courthouse. It was hot and humid today. We also went to Ellendale Pool, it was nice but a bit crowded. It would be nice to swim in on a hot day. There was a playground.

We went to Lucy's Beach , there was a funny looking scarecrow there. I took some photos of it and the waves 'exploding' through the rocks.

15th July, 1999.

Eyre Bird Observatory, 1999.

Yesterday, we left the caravan at Cocklebiddy and we went to the Eyre Bird Observatory.  It is looked after by some people called Alex and Rob.  Alex took me and mum and David and Toby for a walk down to the beach for a walk, and we found a Dolphin backbone.  Mum and I went on the rope walk.  Mum and Toby went on a long walk this morning.  There are some swallows in the toilet.

Eyre Peninsula, 1999.

13th July, 1999.

Emus, Eucla.

13th July 1999.

We're staying in a roadhouse called Cocklebiddy. We went to the old Eucla telegraph station. There was a house that was nearly burried in sand. There was a huge sand mountin that Toby and David slid down. I saw 3 emus and lots of cockatoos. Tomorrow we are going to the Eyre Bird Observatory. I have to write more about Eucla... the whole town was burried in the sand and the sand dunes were very big. At a place we stopped there was a camel and a emu and a pig.


Let's take a trip back in time.

It was 1999, I was 14, and my family were travelling around Western Australia in a caravan.

I'm going to be posting photos that I took back then, accompanied by excerpts from the diary I kept.

The photos are of varying quality - taken on slide film 10 years ago, they've deteriorated somewhat, but that's OK!  It just makes it more interesting!

Enjoy!  xxx

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pentax memories.


I was inspired this morning by Anna to share with you some old photos, taken with my beloved Pentax K-1000 camera.  It was the first camera I ever learnt to use, and originally belonged to my father, but he passed it down to me a couple of years ago.


I don't use it as often as I would like, because of the cost of getting film developed in a shop, but as soon as I'm settled in my new city and have some spare time and spare money, I'm going to invest in some basic darkroom equipment so I can develop my own black and white negatives at home.


These pictures are old, taken over the summer of 2007/08, (and was that really two years ago??) and I only got them developed fairly recently, so seeing them brought back memories of living in that house, and being in love with that guy, and that time we all went to the beach and saw a starfish!  Photos are like that, though, right?



Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Over the past few days I've been gradually bidding my friends farewell, and last night I caught up with Jhana for beer and pizza.  A lovely night, but all the beer made it difficult to get up at 4.30am for work today!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My dear friend Thao made me phở. The other day she presented me with a phở pack, with broth, raw sliced beef, rice noodles, bean shoots, herbs, chilli, spring onion, lime, soy sauce and instructions.


So today, I simmered the broth, dropped in the beef and noodles, then served it with all the garnishes.


Delicious, and just what I needed on this hot day!

With friends like Thao here in Melbourne, I'm seriously reconsidering my impending interstate move...

Books! Free to a good home.

I've got a crate of books sitting on my front fence in inner-north Melbourne, free for anybody who walks past to have a rifle through and take what they'd like! There's kids books, history/classics texts, novels, political memoirs and a pocket-sized Italian/English dictionary. And lots more!

I'm moving in a week's time, and am trying to downsize.. any books that are left over will be going straight to an op shop!

If you're interested, email me on elizabethlclark(at)hotmail(dot)com!

Liz xx

Saturday, November 7, 2009








Taken with a Fujifilm disposable camera. More here.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I was in Hobart yesterday for a quick reconnaissance mission (more on that soon!), and spotted this gorgeous dog in a wine barrel on my way to meet my friend Mary for drinks. I just love the blue paint, and the matching lilac gate and bench!


Drive all night til dawn.

I went to see my friends Wagons play on Monday night but stupidly forgot my camera! It was pretty hot inside, and at one point the band called for tea-towels from the merch desk to dry off. Towards the end of the show, they had the bright idea of lobbing them into the crowd.. I wasn't paying attention, however, and got hit by one in the face!

Drive all night til dawn.

So here it is, clean, on the line. I did consider keeping it unwashed and selling it for untold millions in the future, but really, that's just gross.

Here's Henry in full flight at a show earlier in the year! More photos can be seen here.

Wagons @ Mojo's, Hamilton. 11/7/09


I celebrated my 25th birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was an afternoon of sun, fun, food, and rude conversation. I had so much fun, actually, that I only took one picture the whole afternoon!


Here's Toby in my backyard. Please excuse my underwear on the line.

Toby, Kristy, Bron and Liz are vegan, and Preethi is vegetarian, so I wanted to cater for them - after all, the rest of us could still eat the vegan food, and I wanted everyone to be able to eat everything! With that in mind, I whipped up a bunch of tasty treats - green pea puffs, baked artichoke dip and quinoa salad, all borrowed from Cindy and Michael).

My housemate made a killer guacamole, and I also made a chocolate-almond torte and an orange polenta cake. With a heap of gorgeous summer fruit and Kristy's cute cupcakes, we ate and ate and ate until we were stuffed full, and then kept eating!

And two weeks later I'm STILL working my way through the 650g of Belgian chocolate from Bronwyn and Simon....