Sunday, August 1, 2010

OMG, I'm going to blog you!


Last night, Lisa, Debby and I frocked up and went to the Casino.  The plan was to float about looking enigmatic and find men to buy us drinks but, tragically, everyone there was too busy gambling or drinking or fighting out the front to notice three girls in evening gowns and furs.  

A bit dejected, we explored - watching the card players and the roulette wheel, wandering down deserted hallways and into the band room.  We found the plexiglass elevator and rode up and down a couple of times.  There was a group of people at the bar laughing at us, and they called us over.

"Hey!" the woman said, "I love your outfits!  You girls are all so cute!  I love how you're all dressed so differently, like you've each got your own style!  I love how individual you look!  Are you fashion students?"

No, we explained.  We're all a bit sad and heartbroken and decided to dress up and come out here to find men to buy us drinks, but they're all too busy gambling to notice us.

"OMG, I have to take your picture - I'm totally going to blog you!  It's so cute that you're all heartbroken!"

So dutifully we posed, while her husband and friends watched from the sidelines.  She took a great fancy to Lisa, and got her to stand by herself for one shot.

Her husband said, "You girls want to come with us?  I'll buy you drinks, come on!"

So we did.  Mission accomplished.

Oh, and the strangers who took our picture and bought us drinks?  Tim "Rosso" Ross, his wife Michelle, and several members of Grinspoon. (gee, they've aged...)  I can't wait to see if Lisa in her emerald-green dress shows up on the blog..


Reagan said...

Strange but true! and what lovely outfit were you in?

Jenny said...

Sounds like a great evening! Love mum