Monday, September 27, 2010


Sunday/Monday afternoon outings have become a bit of a Thing in my household.  Today we braved the freezing wind and icy rain and ventured to Kingston beach.  Luckily, we were rewarded with sunshine and rainbows!

Kingston Beach, Mt Wellington.

Kingston Beach.


Jeremy at Kingston.


Kingston Beach.
I'm seriously keen to move down there now - housing is super-cheap, and getting to live next to such a pretty beach would be wonderful!  The only snag would be the commute into town every day...  we'll see.  It's tempting!


Reagan said...

May your Sunshine and Rainbows follow you wherever you are.

piglet said...

Gorgeous location, love the shadows shot!

In answer to your question Christchurch is *usually* beautiful in summer (I say usually because last summer was absolute crap!), temps usually range between low to high 20s, but we have the odd day that can get hotter. Also can be quite windy with the nor-wester.
But because it's NZ you kind of need to be prepared for anything! So pack a pair of jeans along with your shorts and dresses :)

Elizabeth. said...

Thanks Lauren! Luckily, we're tasmanian so we're used to four seasons in one day (see what i did there?). I've been to NZ before but never to the south island. I'm really looking forward to it!