Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mt Field.

Today we went up to Mt Field National Park.  We had intended to drive to Lake Dobson and walk to the Tarn Shelf, but it was snowing heavily and the road was slushy and boggy.  Oliver was worried his little car wouldn't make it, so in the end we parked by the side of the road and walked.  

It was wonderful!  Though cold and snowy, we were rugged up, and tt was quiet and peaceful, with only the wind blowing through the treetops and the occasional car.  We didn't make it to Lake Dobson, but we have plans to go back soon with a 4WD - and a boogie board for sledding!

(Can you believe this is my first post in nearly 6 months?  I wonder if I have any readers left!)


sleepydwarf said...

Wow! It all looks so beautiful (and cold). Absolutely stunning - far removed from the bleakness of here today. I really must must must go there one day very soon :)

I love the snow on the tree. It's gorgeous.

Elizabeth. said...

You must, Barb, it's so close to home too! Do you go up there much? I went to Russell Falls nearly 10 years ago when I first came to Tassie, but this is the first time I've really done any walking in the park. Its so close to Hobart, I want to goback again very soon!

Lyn (in Kinglake) said...

Beautiful photos, Liz.

Jenny said...

It looks beautiful Lizzy and even colder than Hamilton. xxx