Friday, January 23, 2009

Prato, 17 genn.

(This post is dedicated to all the Italians who told me, "You're going to PRATO?? Whatever for?? Prato is dull and boring - come to Firenze instead!")

I went for a walk on Saturday morning.

The first thing I came across was this art on the side of an abandoned warehouse just outside the old city walls.

I can't decide whether they're clouds, fungi, or jellyfish. What do you think?

Then I walked alongside the ancient walls of Prato city.

As someone who comes from a very young country (from a western perspective, anyway - to the native inhabitants of Australia our country is as old as time itself), seeing walls that have stood for many hundreds of years is just awesome. You Europeans don't know how lucky you are to be surrounded by so much history!

The next thing I stumbled upon was a lovely little piazza, complete with a fountain and flowerbeds offering a splash of colour to an otherwise grey setting.

Finally, as I was heading back to my flat for lunch, the clouds cleared, and someone was obviously optomistic enough to hang their washing out to dry.

See, doubters? Prato may LOOK deadly dull and boring, but you just have to look a little closer.. there are all kinds of wonders to be seen.

xox Lil.

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