Friday, February 27, 2009

Art, chocolate, and chess.

Last week Rach and I went to the NGV at the Ian Potter Centre to see the Rennie Ellis photography exhibition (which has sadly ended, sorry!) and to revisit some old favourites.

Rennie Ellis, Sharpies, Melbourne (1973)

Probably my favourite Australian artist is Frederick McCubbin. I know his painting Lost well as my parents have a print of it on the wall at home (a wedding present from the minister who married them 26 years ago!), and it's wonderful to be able to see the real thing close up.

Frederick McCubbin, Lost (1886)

After we parted, I wandered around the city for a bit. It was a gorgeous day, and quite hot, so I felt very sorry for the people wandering around Federation Square in full tuxedos handing around Cadbury chocolates from silver trays!

When the sun got too much for me, I retreated to the cool of St Paul's Cathedral.

Although I've lived in Melbourne for two years, and have been coming here all my life, to my shame I've never actually been inside. It's quite beautiful and the perfect place to sit and reflect for a while.

These white stones are for people to leave messages on. I wrote a note to the one I love and miss the most. I'm not especially religious but I'm sure that God hears my prayers.

Moving on, I stopped to watch a chess game. I couldn't tell you who won, but it was interesting to see the attitudes of the players and the appreciation of the other people watching.

Liz xx

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