Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm staying up late for a secret mission at approximately 0305 hours, so I'm cleaning my house and wasting time on the internet. Here's a cute thing I stole from Pip of Meet Me At Mike's.

This past week, here's what I've been...

Making: owl mittens.
Cooking: chocolate and almond torte for my mother's 50th birthday celebrations on Sunday.
Drinking: rotgut red wine with a new friend, and Cascade Green with an old friend.
Reading: Cafe Europa by Slavenka Drakulić - a series of essays on life in post-Communist Eastern Europe.
Wanting: a holiday.
Looking: at the pretty night sky in the street behind my house.
Playing: McDonald's Monopoly with my housemate.
Wasting: time sweating the small stuff.
Sewing: a missing button onto my work shirt.
Wishing: and hopin', Dusty Springfield style.
Waiting: to buy my own copy of Love Of Diagrams' new album Nowhere Forever.
Wondering: where the twists and turns of the past week's romantickal events are going to lead.
Loving: the photos of my friend Tim with a huge snake draped around his neck.
Hoping: I get into art school next year.
Marvelling: at the little things that tell me spring's JUST around the corner.
Needing: a small practise design in preparation for my big project that I'll be beginning soon.
Smelling: my cocoa-butter moisturiser. Yum!
Wearing: clothes from Australia, Brazil, Korea and Italy.
Following: Mamma Spaghetti on Twitter. She's hilarious!
Noticing: the snuffles that my cat is making right now in her sleep.
Knowing: that everything will be okay.
Thinking: about what I can say on the radio at 3 in the morning that will make any kind of sense.
Bookmarking: this recipe for dill pickles. About the only thing cucumbers are good for, in my opinion!
Giggling: with my BFF this afternoon.
Feeling: a bit ordinary, but enjoying the small details.

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