Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy happy birthday!


I realised today that I'd missed my blog's first birthday!

What a year it's been.

I've travelled to Europe for the first (but not the last!) time.

I've discovered a love and talent for photography and participated in my first exhibition.

I've adopted a cat.

I've seen some awesome bands.

I've met some lovely new friends.

I've cooked and eaten some yummy food!

Though not 100 percent yet, I've come out the other side from an incredibly intense, debilitating period of depression and grieving that's consumed me for most of the past twelve months. I'm now medication-free and starting to look forward and enjoy living again. It's pretty exciting!

The next year is going to bring some interesting things too, I think. Hopefully this time next year I'll have finally finished my degree. I want to keep developing my photography, and participate in a few more shows, and start getting my name out there. I want to take a holiday to somewhere tropical and warm where I can lie on the beach and drink cocktails from coconuts! I want to keep meeting new people, and listening to new music, and discovering new places to eat.

I want to find that special someone, too, but one of the things that this past year has taught me is that I have to be happy with myself before I can even begin to think about being happy with someone else. I've still got some work to do yet!

Thanks for reading this past year.. here's to the next one!

Liz xoxo


Anonymous said...

Ciao, Liz. I'm Rita from Milan. Buon compleanno per il tuo blog. Ogni tanto leggo i tuoi pensieri e penso che tu debba proprio essere soddisfatta di te per quello che hai ottenuto in quest'ultimo anno. Ti auguro tutto il bene del mondo, te lo meriti. (ti scrivo in italiano, così fai pratica per il tuo prossimo viaggio in Italia).Ti abbraccio, ciao

Anonymous said...

ciao e grazie, Rita! Penso a te e il mio viaggio in Milano spesso.

ti bacio e abbracio, Elisabetta xoxo

Sarah Von said...

Congrats on accomplishing so much in just a year! High five from Minnesota!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks!

It's awesome that someone all the way over in Minnesota is reading this. Hi Minnesota! I want to come visit some day!

May I ask how you found my blog?


Pip said...

Go Liz!

However, you forgot one thing...

You survived a tsunami remember? All due to my heroic cab-hailing! Remember??