Thursday, September 17, 2009

What am I, five?

Today's afternoon tea:

Afternoon tea.

Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles
from the forthcoming Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, and homemade rosewater lemonade.

Inspired by the lemonade at Mezza, my rosewater lemonade is so easy to make. I don't have an exact recipe, but I dissolve about a third of a cup of sugar in some boiling water in a two-litre jug, then add the juice of three lemons and a decent slosh of rosewater, then fill the rest of the jug up with cold water. I like my lemonade to be nice and tangy and not too sweet, so this recipe works well for me.. it can obviously be adapted to suit your tastes.


(PS.. do you like my special favourite HSM glass?)


Cindy said...

Rosewater in home-made lemonade?! This could be my new favourite summer drink.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's SO good.

Have you ever eaten at Mezza? Theirs is a perfect complement to their awesome food. Yum.

Cindy said...

Nope, but it's on the wish list (largely due to you).

Cindy said...

This will definitely be my summer drink! Made a big jug of it last Friday night, and was then compelled to make a second big jugful on Saturday when the first one ran out. It was all gone by the end of the weekend. Sooooo tasty.