Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pentax memories.


I was inspired this morning by Anna to share with you some old photos, taken with my beloved Pentax K-1000 camera.  It was the first camera I ever learnt to use, and originally belonged to my father, but he passed it down to me a couple of years ago.


I don't use it as often as I would like, because of the cost of getting film developed in a shop, but as soon as I'm settled in my new city and have some spare time and spare money, I'm going to invest in some basic darkroom equipment so I can develop my own black and white negatives at home.


These pictures are old, taken over the summer of 2007/08, (and was that really two years ago??) and I only got them developed fairly recently, so seeing them brought back memories of living in that house, and being in love with that guy, and that time we all went to the beach and saw a starfish!  Photos are like that, though, right?




Anna said...

honored! these are great, i'm glad i could inspire you to dig them out.

Cindy said...

Beautiful shots!