Wednesday, September 24, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things...

In the absence of a REAL blog post, here are some of the things I've been enjoying lately.

Favourite thing #1: Melbourne bands.
In particular, Spider Vomit, Zond, and, as always, Love Of Diagrams. You've unfortunately missed out on seeing Love Of Diagrams for the forseeable future, as they're heading off to the US to record their new album (!!!!!1!!111!!!) and won't be back until November. I have to say, I'm not sure how I feel about the wah in their new songs, but I'm sure I'll get used to it - after all, a couple of years ago I was talking about how I wasn't sure about the vocals in their (then) new songs, and now I love it!

Fact: Spider Vomit are infinitely cooler than you or me. Here is some photographic evidence.

(Photo by Adalita)

(Photo by Ali McCann)

(Photo by Ben Butcher - all photos from Spider Vomit's Myspace)

Zond are playing at Pony on the 3rd of October - make sure you get along! I've been assured that Sober Marney will be in attendance this time (she was woefully absent last time I saw Zond play..)!

Favourite thing #2: Aldi's Oat Temptations.
These are fantastic. Little single-serve sachets of flavoured porridge. Sure, they're probably bad for me and they're definitely full of loads of artificial colours and flavours, but they're the best thing to chuck in my bag and take to work with me for my second breakfast!

Favourite thing #3: Rubi flats from Cotton On.
Thank you, Robyn! I'd been searching for a replacement pair of red flats for almost a year now, and these were the exact shade of red I was looking for. Plus.. you can get two pairs for $20 (baaaaaargain!), and they come in all colours of the rainbow.

Favourite thing #4: my friends.
They know why. Thanks to Tom, Ben, Lisa, Simone, Roxanne, Martin, Kate, Henry, Rach, Dean, Pip, Lisa, and countless others for loving me, making me laugh, mopping up my tears, buying me beers and hot chocolates, showing me shiny things on the internet, keeping me occupied and distracted, writing me songs, having me over for dinner (even though I had to cook AND wash up..), holding my hand while crossing the road, and generally being awesome. Much luff to you all.

(all together now.. awwwwww!)


Tom said...

I got listed first.

However, whether or not I am "best dressed" is debatable.

All my love.

Anonymous said...

T is the first letter in the Lily alphabet, that's the only reason you got listed first.

Pip said...


Also: Definitely going to check out the flat situation at Cotton On (even though I vowed never to step for in there again). I need me some shoes.

Robyn said...

Heh heh no worries :D For some reason I can't quite reconcile myself to my red ones, and am thinking of covering them in flat backed red diamantes or something. And it's true, Spider Vomit are infinitely cooler than me, but then many things are :)

Anonymous said...

Robyn - Dorothy style?