Thursday, September 25, 2008

Viva Italia!

There may be a couple of people left in the world who don't know that I'll be travelling to Italy (and the UK) this November. I'll be taking a group of teenagers around the peninsula for the first part of my trip, acting as chaperone, tour guide, translator, mum, big sister and general looker-afterer. Then I'm off to London to spend Christmas with my beloved little brother. Come the New Year, I'll be backtracking to Prato (near Florence) to study Renaissance Italy for a month.

It's under two months now until I zoom off, and I'm veryvery excited. I've never been overseas before (unless you count New Zealand, which, let's face it, nobody ever does) and the thought of a 14-hour flight daunts me a little. I hope the ratbags I'm travelling with will be able to settle down so I can sleep! Maybe I should spike their drinks with valerian or something similar to keep them calm?

Anyway, the main point of my post was - can anyone point me in the direction of some Italian fashion blogs/websites? I have a stack of French, Swedish and Finnish blogs in my feed, but nothing from Italy. If they're Florentine blogs, all the better!

Anyone been to Italy? Where are the best places to shop? Do you have a favourite out-of-the-way Roman vintage store?

I'm supposed to be on a very strict budget while I save for my trip, but I saw these little Prada-esque beauties in Kmart and couldn't resist!

What do you think?


Felicity said...


Anonymous said...

Whoah those shoes are from Kmart? They're so beautiful!

I'm no help when it comes to Italian blogs sorry I've only been to Rome for 8 minutes on a stopover so I can't comment on the shopping either :P

Anonymous said...

Miss K - yes!

If you have bigger feet, there were a couple of pairs left in sizes 9 and 10. I got the last pair of 7s, though. They're in the Northcote Plaza Kmart.

Kmart do some great shoes, actually. I always go to check it out when I'm down that way.

Gem said...

AAAARRRGHHH i want those shoes!!! i've been searching everywhere for t-bars, no one seems to have any :(

Anonymous said...

Kmart, Gem. Get on it!!

I got so many comments when I wore these shoes out last night - mostly of the "Hey Dorothy! Where's Toto?" variety...

Robyn said...

Those shoes are CUTE!!! From Kmart too! Well done you. I'm so jealous you're going to Italy. I studied Italian for a couple of years at uni and would love to go one day...although I would probably have to brush up on my speaking skills before I went!