Monday, January 2, 2012

Good Dog

Jeremy found this picture book today whilst rearranging our (many, many) books.  It's one I wrote and illustrated when I was in Prep, 22 years ago now.  (!!)  It's a cute keepsake from my childhood, and so I thought you might like to see it!

Good Dog.
Good Dog.  by Elizabeth Clark

Page 1
Once upon a time there was a good dog. name (sic)
She didn't chew the Mayor's pants or bark at 
Miss Barrett the teacher and she always ate 
up all her dinner and she never pulled at 
her leash.

Page 2
One day she had puppies.
Her owners were very surprised.
When the puppies were older they got names.
One was called Barny, another was called Silky 
and her sister was called Milky.

Page 3
At first they could not see.
Then when they were older they could see a little bit
Silky was as soft as silk
Milky was the colour of milk.
Barny liked to sleep in the barn.

Page 4
The puppies liked to play together but
after awhile they got into fights.
So their mother had to get them apart
So they obeyed her and played nicely.

(with thanks to my handsome book-stand, Jeremy!)

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