Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dear salesgirl at Harrods...

Dear salesgirl at Harrods,

Put a skirt on, for heaven's sake.




You'd think that the HR department of such a prestigious retailer as Harrods would have stringent policies on such things. Clearly not. Shame, Mr al-Fayed, shame.

I had a great day yesterday - making flirty eye contact on the tube with the man of my dreams (more on him later), wandering around Portobello Rd market, exploring the British Museum and spending ages at Harrods drooling over things that I could never afford in a million years (Anyone got a spare eleven thousand quid for a chinchilla fur cape?).

I did, however, indulge in some far more reasonably priced luxury leathergoods - a gorgeous little woven-leather purse-wallet-thing by Dior.

Ooh la la!

This is my first foray into the world of deluxe designers, but I've been squirrelling away part of my savings for a while now for this particular reason. It'd be wonderful to be able to drop a few grand every year on the latest It bag (like a couple of Saudi princesses were doing in the Chanel department) but I think my way is just as good, and perhaps more special. My little purse will mean far more to me than Paris Hilton's Birkin collection ever will.

What do you think? What's the most luxurious thing you've ever bought for yourself? What are you coveting? Just because we have no money doesn't mean we don't like to look at beautiful things!

E xox


Jessica Graham said...

I played Plastic Princess and handed over a gold credit card for some designer spectacles and prescription sunglasses not long ago. As I figure it, I wear glasses everyday (and would like to wear sunnies when I want rather than having to plan ahead and put on contacts), so they might as well be super-hot, one-off designer frames so that I won't bump into someone else with the same pair, and will have everyone telling me how much they like my glasses, not calling me "four-eyes".

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

Were the leggings gold by any chance? I saw Victoria Beckham's limo at Harrods when I went there, and black christmas trees!