Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Old Country.

So it's goodbye to Italy (for now, at least), and a big hello to the United Kingdom!!

As I type this I'm lying in bed in my brother's flat, snug in a doona and listening to the trains roll past. Poor Dave is hard at work in the kitchen downstairs - he'll finish up at 10pm and I'll go down to the bar to join him for a knock-off pint or two.

That is, if I'm still awake! I awoke this morning at 3am, and was at the airport in Milan to catch my flight to London at 6. Ouch! I'm not at all sleepy though - I napped on the plane and on the buses to and from the airports, and I had a snooze after I arrived here in Potters Bar.

England so far is not really how I expected it to be! The town where my brother is living, Potters Bar, is quite nice, but I was expecting something smaller.. something a bit gentler and more countrified. There are four charity shops in the High Street so I am looking forward to rummaging through those!

Tomorrow I am going to begin work on my Italy tour blog - I'll keep you posted!

For now - goodnight from the Old Country.


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Anonymous said...

Hello! I just saw your comment on my blog about the store in Venice - jealousy is pouring through my veins!

I can't wait to hear about your Italian escapades.

PS. I used to buy those Arrow sticker packs too :D