Monday, December 15, 2008

Dear security guard at the Carling Academy...

Dear security guard at the Carling Academy in Oxford who confiscated my Mars Bar and (probably) ate it,

We will meet again. I want my Mars Bar back.




Seriously, though, I thought that was overkill. Confiscate my water bottle, fine, but a Mars Bar?

I was in Oxford for the weekend, and last night I was wandering up the road past the Carling Academy I noticed that there would be some bands playing there later on. I bought at ticket from one of the support bands who were loitering around out the front, and promised to come back later to check them out.

Unfortunately, though, I had a dinner date already arranged with some girls from the hostel, so I only managed to get there in time to see the headline act, Flamboyant Bella who, in all honesty, weren't that great. So I missed the band I was supposed to see, Target Nine, but I did get to meet some luverly people for some beers after the show, so it was well worth it.

Oxford is totally gorgeous, by the way, despite the Mars Bar-grabbing security guards. More on that later, I've gotta go heat up my Marks & Spencer dinner...


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