Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Locked out again.

I'm starting to get a bit frustrated with my brain. I seriously think it's the medication I'm taking that's making me forget my keys all the time. I'm thinking I might have to staple my keys to my head. What do you do to remember important things?

My friend Mary reminded me of a good getting-locked-out story tonight! It was before my time, but a couple of you might have been first-hand witnesses.

"i have a good getting locked out story for you! Ixel who was an exchange student from america lived opposite me at jane and she locked herself out of her room when she went to the shower. it was morning and there was no one else around cos everyone was at breakfast. she was only in a tincy wincy wincy minute towel. and ixel was rather rotund. instead of waiting for someone to come back ixel walked into the dining hall in her itty bitty towel to get some help. very embarrassing but she was not embarrassed in the slightest. i would not have been surprised if she had done it naked. yikes!"

At least when I get locked out I'm usually not near-naked.

Now, please, let's not talk about this anymore.


Tom said...

There's a Judas Priest song that goes "LOCKED IN! LOCKED INSIDE YOUR LOVE!".

But that's probably not relevant. Yep.

Anonymous said...

Nah, cos I'm locked OUTSIDE.

Not relevant at all.

Henry said...

Dont staple your key to your forehead. Put it somewhere descreet so you can cover it with a shirt for job interviews.

de.foxus said...

within a week of meeting my boy, he locked us out in the backyard.

i was stoned.

we couldn't break in through any of the windows.

we had to climb the barbed wire back fence.

and it turns out my housemate was at home in his room the whole time.