Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Not much has been happening lately. I've been out and about trying to soak up as much sunshine as I can before I depart for the wintery northern hemisphere (22 sleeps yo!), and I keep forgetting to take my camera with me.

Nevertheless, for my fan (hi Dad!), here are some random snaps from the past couple of weeks.

This is a hole in the fence in my backyard. You can kind of see the play equipment set up next door - I'm completely jealous of the small child who lives there! When I was younger we used to borrow toys from the Toy Library, and one of the coolest things was this huge toy that my parents made forts for us with in the loungeroom - it was fantastic! Did anyone else get to play with this when they were small? And does anyone know what it was called? My dad and I are going crazy trying to think of it!

This lovely couple is (are?) my friends Sam and Adele. Sam and I have known each other since before birth, when our mothers played hockey together while we were in utero.

We're at Silly Yaks in Westgarth, a cafe that is totally, completely, ONE HUNDRED PER CENT gluten free. Coeliac Adele goes a bit nuts whenever she enters this store - "Argh! I can eat EVERYTHING! Where do I start!? Ack! Head explode!"

Interested persons should note that Silly Yaks has recently changed hands, and the new owners are planning a whole swag of changes, including a market-style set-up out the back of the cafe, where you will be able to buy gluten-free ingredients, fresh produce, and all sorts of things.

The gardens at my university are pretty nice to hang out in on a sunny day.

Last Friday was Saudi Arabia's national day, and all the Saudi students at uni were celebrating in the uni centre. It was crazy - lots of singing and dancing and laughing - but I did feel a bit sad that the Saudi women were sitting down and watching quietly, not partaking in the festivities.

Here's my best friend being a tourist in the middle of the city on the weekend:

And here's the coolest mid-life-crisis car I've ever seen:

My papa, in North Carlton on Friday night.

And... last but not least - my new haircut!

It's not a WHOLE lot different to how it was, but it feels so nice to have short hair again. I made sure the hairdresser cut lots and lots of texture into it, and I really, really like how it looks. What do you think? I'm not 100% happy with the highlights, but I can live with them.

Don't you think my wonky mouth is a bit weird? I never notice it except in photos - I wonder if that's how it looks all the time?

Here's what I'm wearing today - my very favourite summer dress. Apologies for the bra strap hanging out the side, but I didn't have time to fix it before the timer on my camera went off!




Anonymous said...

I'm a fan too. Keep posting from OS so I can keep track of you, and catch up with David (since we missed him last month)
- Love (Auntie) Lyn.

Robyn said...

That car is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

Lovely dress too.