Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mighty Ducks 8.

1. $60/kg cheese.

I couldn't help myself! I dropped into Maria's Coffee House & Deli in Nicholson St on my way home from uni to stock up on capers (an essential in my larder) and this little wedge of cheese caught my eye.

It's parmigiano di bufala, or buffalo parmesan. I tasted it in the shop, and it's much sharper and zingier than cow's milk parmesan. The woman in the shop told me firmly to hide it! For the price it was, I'm going to use it for something special. I'm Googling recipes as I type so hopefully I'll find a dish that complements the cheese perfectly. I shall report back!

Side note: OH MY GOD. As I was hunting up recipes just now, I found this on a menu - "Spaghetti alla castagne: Spaghetti sautéed in a chestnut cream sauce topped with cocoa powder. Like Pip says, that sounds like it should be illegal.

2. People on public transport.

It was a bit scary on the bus home from uni tonight - a young man got on and sat up the back of the bus near me who was very agitated. He was muscled, and dressed in trackies and a tank top - not someone you'd want to mess with ordinarily. He was talking to himself quite loudly, and bouncing up and down in his seat, occasionally coming out with bursts of manic chuckling. I don't want to say "crazy," or that he was dangerous but he definitely made me and some of the other passengers that I spoke to later feel very uncomfortable. What do you do in those types of situations? I just kept my head down and my sunnies on and read my book. The whole bus breathed a sigh of relief when he disembarked.

3. Cute thing cute thing!!.

Everyone! One.. two... three.....


I spied these cuties at uni, enjoying a walk in the sunshine around the campus with their mum. Awwww!


Anonymous said...

Aww those duckies are so cute! And yummmmmmm cheese is so delicious.

I had loads of crazies on my train (no doubt a symptom of living in the western suburbs *shudder*) and I just do the same, head down and ignore. Although one time this guy was standing up on the train near my seat and he had a cricket bat and was saying that he wanted to bash my head with it. Everyone was like :O but I was like meh, one swift kick to the nuts and you'll be bawling like a baby.

Anonymous said...

i think i know the guy yr talking about. he's been on the 86 tram a coupla times. yuk.

oh ducks!!! duckies!! cute overload!